Girl Scouts @ Edgewater Park  LbNA # 61287

Placed DateApr 1 2012
LocationCleveland, OH, Cleveland, OH
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Edgewater Park (Cleveland Lakefront State Park)
West Entrance (Rt 2 and West Blvd)

Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912, for a local Girl Scout meeting. She believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. With the goal of bringing girls out of isolated home environments and into community service and the open air, Girl Scouts hiked, played basketball, went on camping trips, learned how to tell time by the stars, and studied first aid.

Within a few years, Daisy's dream for a girl-centered organization was realized. On March 12, 2012 was the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts. This letterbox is to celebrate girls who demonstrate Courage. Confidence. Character.

Park and walk north be sure to admire the view out over the lake and skyline. After the bathroom building but before the pavilion is a set of stairs leading down to the beach. Head down this path and proceed East until you reach the beach. Walk along the beach heading East at the end of the beach, join the paved path that loops the park. (If you head north you can go out onto the fishing pier, rejoin the path when your done). East of the pavilion beyond the parking lots are two large grassy areas, a favorite spot for kite flyers and sunbathers. Continue on the path, you will pass signs that say, “GameTime: Welcome to the Parcourse FitCourse,” “Parcourse FitCircuit 1 Achilles Stretch,” and “4 Knee Lift.” 50 steps from the “4 Knee Lift” sign, make a left. When you make left you should see a sign that says Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway on right hand side. You should see the words “STOP” first and “AHEAD” second written on the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway path. Cut across the grass to the middle section that forms a triangle. There are six trees and one light pole facing you. If you are in the grass before you get to the Edgewater Yacht Club green gate you have gone to far. In the triangle, behind the sign that says “Cleveland Lakefront State Park Edgewater,” on the right hand side you will find your treasure hidden in the bushes.