Linner Park Counting Adventure  LbNA # 61300

Placed DateMar 27 2012
LocationLinner Park, Minnetonka, MN
Found By TheRedLeaf
Last Found Jun 24 2012
Hike Distance?

Welcome to our favorite park to play at! Park at the parking lot facing the playground.

Box #1:
Take the trial to the left passing the porta-potty. Go up the hill and back down and follow the path to the right thru the woods. You will pass some heavy brush on your right after you take the turn. Keep going and stay on the paved path. Eventually you will see the old front steps of a house that is no longer there on your right. Step on the bottom step. Watch our for the screw on the front step. Look to the far right of the step under the heavy brush and logs for the first box.

Box #2:
Get back on the trail and keep heading in the same direction toward the large staircase. Take the steps down 32 steps. Step into the field ten steps. You should see a dirt path on your right heading into the woods. Take that path. Pass a man hole cover. Take the path between two rocks on your right and two on your left. Keep going under the trees that cover the path. You will come to a second concrete man hole cover. Stand on it facing the same direction you were headed. Go seven big steps to your left and look for a hollow log on the ground- you will find the second box there.

Box #3:
Go back on the dirt path and keep going in the direction that you were headed. Step over the fallen branches that cross the path. You will come to a green stake on your left with a small dirt trail immediately before it. Take that trial. Go under the tree branch bridge and walk four more steps. From that point you should see a split tree three big steps to your left. Look there for the third box.

Box #4:
Take the dirt trail back to the large stair case. Go up 80 stairs and look to your left. The last box is near that large stump. Go up another 22 stairs and you will see the playground and your car again.