South Mountain Reservation  LbNA # 61325

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationMillburn, NJ
Found By JerseyTrailblazers
Last Found May 26 2014
Hike Distance?

4/2/2012 – Modified clues slightly to reflect new hiding spot. [ ] –The Pakrat

15 minutes on rocky incline and 20 minutes on paved path (see middle of clue for lazy driving hint)

On Glen Avenue in Millburn across from near where the bibliophiles gather there is an opening in the woods marked by a sign that says "Locust Grove". Drive in here and park.

Bear right, on foot now, onto the Lenape Trail, through the picnic area, past the roof on legs, and up the hill. Just follow, the trail's trees are marked in yellow.

When you get to a metal fence, bear right (you're still on the yellow trail) until you come to a paved road. Take a right here and as you walk, enjoy the fresh air.

You will be walking for about twenty minutes, through the white gates past which cars are allowed, also past a semi-grassy parking area.

You will know you're close when the road widens, and you see an amazing overlook on the right. (The physically unfit, if good map-readers, can park here and avoid the hill).

Look at Manhattan, then stand reading the memorial rock bearing George Bramhall's name. From this rock, turn towards the woods, and walk into them, crossing the road on its race marker, going between the two green benches onto the path.

[Near the stone house by the crossroads, there is a tree right next to the path. From this tree, sight a large rock at 16 degrees. You’ll find the box under some rocks on the northern side.]