Schrodinger's Cat_  LbNA # 61359 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWry Me    
Placed DateApr 5 2012
LocationJack Brooks Park, Hitchcock, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Jan 26 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 30 2015

Planted for The Cat's Meow Event.

*No cat was harmed in the making of this letterbox. At least not of which we are aware.

To the box: From FM 2004, turn into the park. Just before the road T's, you will see a wee little parking lot off to the left. Park there, go back to the road, and head left toward the T. Before you reach it, you will see a trail. Turn left and cross the charming stone bridge and into the rather dense treeline. Follow along this path. You will soon reach a small clearing. Proceed across and follow the path, which at this point looks more like a social trail. Occasional stooping may be necessary, but the trail is fairly clear. Keep the creek at your left until you reach the bridge. Cross the bridge and climb straight up to the top of the ridge, then head right. Path will bend to the left and go up an incline covered with visible tree roots where you will find benches and a disk golf tee post. Walk around this (#14) to the right and onto the path. (If you look left, you'll see another tee.) Follow path downhill toward the water and walk left along the creek. Jump the small rivulet, which may or may not have water, head up a steep hill to another disk golf basket. Stay on the ridge, pass tee #8. You will see a footbridge on your right. Starting where the path turns left, count 27 steps to the top of a hill. Go down hill and stand so that basket #7 is directly to your right. Follow the curve to the right, along the base of the knoll where the golf tee is for about 20 steps. Go right up the hill on the path about 15 steps. There will be a bench on your right. Staying on the upper ridge with the #5 post directly to your right, count 35 steps. Look left 10 steps offtrail to a cedar tree. The box is behind the cedar tree, weighed down with a small split log. Please replace the log, as this area is prone to flooding. Also, make sure it is not visible from the trail or the many side trails. This trail is part of a disk golf course and is more well-traveld than it appears. Enjoy your walk back along the creek.

From Highway 6, follow signs to Veteran's Memorial. You will pass the pavilion/playground and a white bridge on the right. When you arrive at the T where you would go straight to the memorial, go left instead. You will see the trail off to the left and the right, then the small parking lot will be on your right. Park there, double back to trail , go left onto the trail, and follow clues from there.