Don't Fear the Reaper!  LbNA # 61367

Ownerdragon of defiance    
Placed DateApr 6 2012
LocationIndependence United Methodist, 9966 Adams Ridge Rd, Defiance, OH, Defiance, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Mar 20 2014
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Don't Fear the Reaper!

1/2 Mile east of Defiance Ohio. Look for the Independence United Methodist Church. There is a big cemetery surrounding this church. Park car behind the church.
Start at the "Hall" at the south side of the church. Walk south until you "Elect a Mayer". Walk to the closest "Stone". Face southwest and walk towards the largest "Shrimp" (watch out! Don't step on the little ones!) "March" to the west and find "Love (and) Joy" Now walk to "Kimberly" in the east and follow her line to the north. Stop when it is "Goodenough" Don't be afraid to look beside the wife.
Please cover me up real good once found. The grounds keeper does not know I am here and I want to stay
Thank you