Gertrude McFuzz  LbNA # 61384

Placed DateApr 7 2012
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By Anne Duffy
Last Found Jul 12 2016
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedFeb 27 2016

Gertrude McFuzz

Gertrude made a stop at the Birds of a Feather letterbox gathering, you may have met her there. She’s found a new permanent home now.

You will need black, blue and green ink markers.

Gertrude McFuzz by Dr. Seuss
Find her here: Zeqlzgvhw Ydih

There once was a girl-bird
named Gertrude McFuzz
And she had the smallest
plain tail ever was.

One droopy-droop feather.
That’s all that she had.
And Oh! That one feather
made Gertrude so sad.

So, Gertrude left her rather sad locale
and headed to Zeqlzgvhw Ydih,
on the advice of her Uncle,
which didn’t seem half bad.

“I’ll find those magic berry bushes,” said Gertrude,
“if it’s the last thing I do!
I want two feathers
like Lolla-Lee-Lou!”

So she flew to the glen
past the Ironwood sign,
also no driveway, no pond, then,
“Ahh, a picnic for birds like I am.”

Gertrude was lucky,
No Dogs Allowed.
Her quest for those berries
Must continue to be followed!

She went to the right
Past Columbine and Woodland Sunflower.
Not stopping for ZigZag Goldenrod,
No Shooting Star, No Golden Alexander.

From the sign that read Zeqlzgvhw Ydih
To the sign at two-twenty
Head to the dirt trail,
Hope it’s not muddy.

A Pleistocene Ice Age,
One point six million years ago
Formed the land Gertrude flew over,
It was a long way to go.

Gertrude wondered about moraines,
Eskers, kettles, & kames, drumlins, too.
“Is this really the smartest
thing for me to do?”

She flew up the bark trail hill,
Then flew up some more.
She saw many rooftops,
But stopped at no door.

She passed four tree trunks,
Side by side, but no berry.
“I’ll head down and follow the main trail,
This is fun, but birds shouldn’t tarry.”

Just a few moments spent
Talking with birds.
They knew of berries in the past,
But of these magic ones they hadn’t heard.

On Gertrude flew
Up past the fence corner,
Take the fork here at twenty,
At forty go further.

Come on, Gertrude!
You’re getting warmer!
Past the glen to the left
Beyond the burs that are cursers.

One fence, then two, three.
Past Eroding Earth
No four, no five.
But here! Here at 6 is a berth.

A fine place to rest,
Here, were other friends.
“We all have unique adaptations,
Most obviously feathers!”

There were Red-tailed Hawks,
Brown Thrashers and Crows.
So many birds of a feather,
A paradise, goodness knows!

And as Gertrude turned
She spied at eighty degrees
A lovely rock wall.
At the north end, under rocks, twigs and leaves…

A box!

In it not berries,
as she’d sought.
But better! A logbook and feathers!
Who’d have thought!

So Gertrude settled herself
In the pages of a book,
And added as many feathers
As the paper comfortably could.