Winter's Mill  LbNA # 61401

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateApr 7 2012
LocationHike & Bike Trail, Wimberley, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Mar 27 2014
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 1 mile RT)
Status: alive

The town of Wimberley has gone through several names in its storied past, starting with Glendale in 1845. Then William C. Winters, a San Jacinto veteran, settled his family here in the early 1850s and built a saw mill powered by Cypress Creek and later added a grist mill. The two mills served the community for miles around and Glendale became Winters' Mill. When Winters died in 1864 his mill complex was passed down to John Cude, his son-in-law. Cude rebuilt the mill which had been flood damaged, and the settlement became known as Cude's Mill. In the 1870s, Pleasant Wimberley moved with his family from Blanco County to Cude's Mill, and when he bought the mill from Cude the town changed its name again to Wimberley's Mill. In 1880, the name Wimberleyville was submitted to the post office which dropped the "ville" from the name, and the town became Wimberley. The mills were passed down through the Wimberley family until they ceased operation in 1925. Though the mill no longer exists, you can visit this box dedicated to it on the hike and bike trail along Winters Mill Parkway.

From Wimberley go north on RR 3237 about 1 mile to just before Winters Mill Parkway and turn left into gravel parking lot for the hike & bike trail.
Walk south (left) on the gravel trail across two water crossings, through two sets of yellow posts, across a few more water crossings then down a snaking cement path. Continue on gravel path as it goes up and curves left, crossing an old gravel road. Go left on a narrow mulch path with large stone cairn and follow it under power lines for about 100 yards to stone cairn near telephone pole where path bends right. From cairn, go left 12 steps to cedar tree on right. Letterbox is within trunks at back side under a rock and needles. Please replace as described.