Forest Hill Queen of Hearts  LbNA # 61402

OwnerGhost Crabs      
Placed DateApr 9 2012
CountyRichmond city
LocationForest Hill Park, Richmond, VA
Found Byforresthill3 (Attempted)
Last UpdateJan 19 2014


Start out on the stone steps of the Stone House. Enjoy the building. Itís pretty cool. Head down the stairs to the circle. At about one oíclock on said circle, head down the tree-lined road. You should pass some tennis courts on your right. Enjoy the slightly downhill stroll. If you brought your racket, take it out and knock some balls around the court.
Pass a brick maintenance building on your left. Keep going. You should come to a stone walkway, all part of a lovely WPA effort in the 1930ís. Go down the (fairly steep) steps. Enjoy the view from the stone wall you will come to at the bottom of the stairs. At this point you can go left or right on a descending stone walkway. As the Forest Hill neighborhood is solidly blue, take the walkway to the left. 
After going a ways, you should come upon what looks like a good place to rest. Rest for a moment, if you wish. Then head down the (fairly steep) hill about twenty paces until you come to a stainless steel tombstone. Stand on the opposite ledge facing the pond and take in another good view. Then walk around to the back (sorry to play with you like that) and dig around under the leaves for the box.

When youíre done, continue your descent another twenty paces or so to the pond and enjoy a leisurely walk around it.