M60Tank  LbNA # 61450

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Placed DateMar 25 2012
Location1596 State Route 131, Milford, OH, OH
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Named after the late US Army General George S. Patton–the Patton series of tank’s included the M60, which was produced as a result of the new Russian T-54/55. The M60 tank series was a widely successful MBT, not only seeing action with the American Armed Services, but was exported and used by over 20 other countries.
The A3 was the most popular model and remains the standard of many exported in foreign service. It focused more on the technological break through of fire control and sighting systems as well as the ability to fire the main cannon whilst on the move, so was simply a modified A1. Firing on the move was achieved with a new a turret stabilization system, as well as a thermal shroud to help prevent gun droop, laser range finder and a hybrid solid-state ballistic computer integrated with an external crosswind sensor.
Members of VFW Post 6562 worked for more than three years to find an appropriate piece of military equipment to position in front of their headquarters. It was learned the U.S. Army was giving away tanks. While searching for a cannon or some other standard monument, one member met a general at a veterans’ event and was told the Army had dozens of old tanks in a sort of graveyard near Fort Knox, KY.
After months of following a trail of paper required by the Army, they finally got the green light. Once the 45-ton vehicle was rolled onto the pad, Army personnel took the engine apart and sealed the hatches and the gun.
Usually an old tank is bent, beaten up and in need of repairs and was quoted to say “This one must have belonged to a commander.”

On to the clue: It is very simple. Standing in front of the tank, stoop down and look above to your left.
I don't expect this stamp to last long since it is not hidden very well so get it while you can.