Trail Racing Series #1  LbNA # 61464

OwnerThe Irish Rovers    
Placed DateApr 15 2012
LocationJockey Hollow, Morristowns, NJ
Found By Yukon Blue
Last Found Apr 12 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 12 2015

Jockey Hollow is a beautiful park located in Morristown New Jersey. George Washington and the Continental Army camped out here from October 1779-June 1780. This 1000 acre park is filled with lots of wooded trails and has replicas of the soldier's huts to check out. You will not regret spending an afternoon in this beautiful NJ spot!

This series contains 3 boxes. Our boxes contain a log and a stamp. Please provide your own pen and ink/marker for the stamp.

Box #1

Park in the New York Brigade section. Start out on Trail 23. Turn Right onto Trail 22 (Grand Loop Trail) Take approximately 45 steps and see a "V" shaped tree on your left. Just beyond is a broken down brick structure. Take care as you approach as you will now be leaving the trail. Look within the bricks and "smile" you have found box #1!
Try to not disturb anything and leave everything as you found it.

Please see our clues for #2 and #3