Leakey  LbNA # 61470

Placed DateApr 15 2012
LocationLeakey, TX
Found By Nomad
Last Found Oct 7 2013
Hike Distance?

Box 1: Enter thru the main entrance of the Leakey Cemetery and drive slowly along until you see the tombstone with the same name as our 40th president. From here go north and stop and admire the mobile on the left. In front of you should be able to read about Lucinda Cope, wonder how someone can be buried and no one know what year she died in. From here look for a tombstone in the shape of the state where James was buried. After paying your respects here continue on ESE and see another Texas icon. Under the heel you shall find what you seek.

Box 2: Go back to the beginning and pay respects to the 2 brothers who died 3 days apart in World War 1 and are buried at the twin tree trunks. Head west to the tombstones where their is 3 first names. Next head to NNW to the historical marker and read the sad but true story of the first person buried here. Then proceed in steps according to how many children she had to a crape myrtle and find the box. Be sure to bury in the leaves and twigs in the center.

PLEASE be respectful and replace everything as found.