Monte Carlo  LbNA # 61476

Placed DateApr 7 2012
CountyOther International
LocationMonte Carlo, MONACO, INT
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Monte Carlo

Easy find - once you are there you will see its an easy find
Just take the time to walk there
Fairmont Hotel along boardwalk
Start at hotel and walk toward the Japanese garden
There is only one of these gardens here
While you are walking the ocean will be on your right
On the left side you will notice the japanese roof tile
on the one story building with many bushes
Once you see the cement alcove on your left side - stop here
There are cement stairs leading down on the left side
You cannot enter since there is a wire gate here
On the right side of this gate is a hairy plant with long stems
that look like someones long hair
The ocean will be toward your back
Lift up the leaves and under the stems and roots you
will see a small 2x2 inch box with white top snug inside
Be cautious of muggles walking and running along this narrow path
Wasn't that easy
Now go spend some money at this expensive city