San Marino  LbNA # 61478

Placed DateApr 10 2012
CountyOther International
LocationSan Marino, SAN MARINO, INT
Found By 4greenfrogs
Last Found Aug 7 2012
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Last EditedOct 17 2015

San Marino
Northeast Italy

This small country within Italy is located near Rimini
along the coast. This place is a bargain compared to
other popular tourist spots in Italy.
So if you have the time spend at least one night here
you won't regret it, 50 to 75 percent off the prices in
other parts of Italy, and the best exchange rate for your
dollars at the bank. Win Win situation at this tranquil place.

There are 3 towers on top of the mountain.
Get to the 3rd tower.
Before entering the tower which cost about 5USD
you will see an arch entrance on your right
update: the arch is near the 2nd tower, not the third one.
There is a sign - 3a Torre Montale
Walk through the arch - free
cement path on left side - don't take this one
Follow dirt path in front of you which curves to left and down
GO to the very first tree on your left side about 10 feet away
This tree has many small curvy roots at its base with one small
thin tree to its left side.
Facing the curvy root tree look to the right side in the rocks
about 3 feet high the box is behind a rock.
So many rocks you say
Look for a small tin can that I wedge into the rock
This is the hiding spot - wasn't that easy