Gone Fishin' Letterbox  LbNA # 6148

OwnerJenny J    
Placed DateOct 19 2002
LocationMillersburg, MO
Found By RandomChimp
Last Found Aug 27 2008
Hike Distance?

A pace = approx. 22" 

DIRECTIONS: This letterbox is hidden at Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area. From Kansas City or St. Louis, take I-70 to Columbia. At Columbia, take Hwy 63 south to the first exit (Broadway). Turn left and go east on WW for 9.7 miles. At Millersburg WW changes to J. At the junction of J and RA, turn left onto RA. Go east on RA for .4 mile past the first turnoff for Little Dixie. Turn left and follow the signs for the Interpretive Nature Trail and Disabled Fishing Area. 

DIFFICULTY: Fairly easy. There is a trail map box at the parking lot, but it was empty the day I visited. For a map, contact: Missouri Department of Conservation, Regional Office, 1907 Hillcrest Drive, Columbia, MO 65201. 

NOTES: This region of Missouri was settled by people from Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina. The name "Little Dixie" reflects their southern background. Today the Conservation Area is a favorite fishing spot for area anglers. 

 CLUE: Begin your hunt at the entrance to the Dixie Woods Nature Trail. After a brief walk, you'll encounter an informative sign telling about some giants who have been inhabiting this area for 135 years. Continue along the path to another marker with information on the two names for this body of water. Straight ahead is a wheelchair-accessible fishing ramp. The nature trail veers to the right along the shore. 

 This blacktop trail winds along the edge of Little Dixie Lake. There are benches along the way. Sit down, watch the grey squirrels scampering up and down the trees, or look across the lake for fishing boats. Continue along the trail until you reach the Trail Information bulletin board. 

 Here you will see three wooden steps on the left, leading to a wooden bridge and a dirt path. Descend the steps, cross the bridge, and continue on to a fork in the path with a "Wildlife Refuge" sign nearby. Take the left fork and very shortly cross a second wooden bridge. 

 Continue on for about 52 paces until you cross a third bridge. Off to your right a large fallen tree is caught in the branches of other trees. 
 Go along for another 66 paces. Look to your right. You'll see several large downed tree trunk sections. 

 Walk another 100 paces, at first along the lake's edge, then veering north. Cross a fourth wooden bridge. 
 5 more paces should bring you to a spot with two large trees, one on either edge of the path. You're quite close now. 

 Look to your right. About 12 paces off the trail lies a downed tree trunk, approximately 18' long. At the large hollow end, remove a few pieces of wood and peek inside - the Gone Fishin' letterbox! 

 Now, did you bring your pole and can of nightcrawlers? 

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