GS Troop 53737  LbNA # 61497

Placed DateApr 4 2012
LocationWyoming, MN
Found By GS53737
Last Found Apr 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Girl Scout Troop 53737
Letterbox Clues/Directions

North or South on 35E look for the exit at Wyoming (Exit # 135)

Go East to a highway called 61(Forest Blvd) make sure to take a right and your on your way to fun

Keep traveling south and look to the left, your eyes should be searching for a place that kids learn. As soon as you see it make sure that you turn!

Drive thru the lot where the teachers do their parking, over towards the playground where the kids do their squawking.

Now you will have to travel the rest by foot so get out and go stand by the tether ball pole and just like that we are ready to roll.

Facing South East, start your travel go walking over 2 mounds and past home plate around the backstop fence is great.

You should be able to stand and look in front of you and see a small shed with a tree or two.

Look at the base of a tree for a rock... It's one for landscaping shaped with three sides and a rounded edge take your fingers and lift at the ledge.

Great job you have discovered our letter box treasure! Now be sure to stamp our book and yours. Our Girl Scouts will be excited to see who found our secret.... Now that you know be sure that you keep it!

(Please return letterbox into the plastic bag and return it to it's resting place for others to discover!)

Thank you!

Girl Scout Troop 53737