Highlands Letterbox  LbNA # 6150

Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationHighlands, NC
Found By Fabfaubs
Last Found May 8 2011
Hike Distance?

Originally placed by Katie and adopted in October 2010 by figureeight.

Highlands Letterbox Clues

Before you start, please take note of the following things:

1. A pace is a measurement of three feet from the tip of the front toe to the tip of the back heel.
2. Please refrain from reading ahead in the clues; the adventure will not be as entertaining if you do.
3. Do not displace the Letterbox from its original position.
4. Please be polite when asking for guidance or help from a non-participating person.
5. Do not mess with natural flora and fauna: Stay on a marked path at all times.

Start at the Town Hall

Go to the NW corner of Main St. and 4th Street. Walk north. You’ll see a brick building with a bell tower on top. This is the town hall. Please stand on the bricks outside of it to begin your quest.

Walk to the counter (please be polite), and turn around facing the doors you just came through. The founders of Highlands are looking at you. Don’t be afraid, for they are in oil and are not real.

Find the difference between these two’s age and copy it down.
It may be useful later in town.
Walk outside: To the left is a parking lot full of cars,
But you want to go to the pole with stars and bars. (On your right)
Don’t cross the street,
It’s hard on your feet.
Instead, bear 300°
And walk 100 paces up the hill, if you please.

You will come to steps leading to a building. Walk up the steps until you are under the overhang. Now take 10 paces and stop. You are standing in front of the box office ticket booth of the Highlands Playhouse.

Stand outside the Performing arts,
This is where the old scholars start(ed)
There’s a walk on your right,
If you think you’ll find a clue, walk it you might.
The centennial coin is on the ground,
To find it, keep your eyes down

Stand on the centennial coin.
Go 19 squares up the walk toward the building and take a due south bearing.

It may be near or it may be far,
Go to the building with brick and iron bar(s).
You’re not going out, so come on “Inn”.
This place has a restaurant that may sell hen. (chicken)

You are not Dorothy and this is not OZ, so from the brick building in 1878 (see plaque by door) skip and sing “follow the brown brick road” (to the tune of “follow the yellow brick road” from The Wizard of Oz.) Follow the brown brick road to 1885. (See additional plaque in SW direction).

This building is yellow,
Keep walking stay mellow.
There are no bends,
Stop where the brown brick road ends.
You will come to where the munchkins stay,
But you have no time to stop and play.
Turn in the direction where birds fly when cold
And look for the rock under which lies something old.

Stop and look down, use the number from the Town Hall,
It really did help you after all!
The founders of Highlands lived a very long time
And the difference you wrote will complete this rhyme.
(The difference between Kelsey and Hutchinson’s age is the number of letters of the next clue on the left-hand side of the plaque at your feet)
This is where you come to read,
Now it’s a clue that you will need.
Go to this place. (If you’re facing the rock, the next stop is in an easterly direction.)

Stand in the place that was for you meant,
And do not venture off of the pavement.
Stand between the granite rock and the Japanese garden,
And bear 320°. Walk to the sign with a $100 fine.
Don’t stay too long by the sign,
You don’t want to get the fine!

(You’ll see a tree in front of you. It has a sign. Copy down the name of the tree, you’ll need it soon! Now walk to the road in front of the library. Turn left and follow the sidewalk. Sometimes the sidewalk is on the other side of the road, so be careful while crossing the road! Stop at the place where you learn about nature. Now you can look around inside this place all you want. I f it is closed, please come back when it is open and glance around! Stand on the front porch of the center directly in front of the post in the middle that holds the overhang up. Face the road. Take a due south bearing and walk to this sign. You might not have a car, so you can’t park here, but you CAN hike the mountain!

This mountain is named for a ball of fire,
You’d better start hiking before your feet start to tire.

You’ll pass along the way many trees.
Take down the names of these.
Extra credit if you get them all!

On the top of the mountain the trail branches. On your right is Sunset, on your left is sunrise. You will follow the trail to sunrise. The trail splits once again. The name of the tree at the Library is the same as that of the tree near you. Now go in the direction (when the trail splits) of the side of the trail that this tree is on. For example: If the tree is on the left, you’ll walk on the left fork and if it’s on the right you’ll walk on the right fork.

You are now on Sunrise Mountain.

There’s a Red Oak tree where the circle is on the map of the mountains (below). Stand in front of the tree and take a 90-degree bearing. Align body with Whiteside Mountain. Then, take a 45-degree bearing to Whiteside. “Red Fred” will be pointing at the box. (You may have to look under & around for it; it won’t be in plain view.)

Use this map for the final clue

Helpful Sites:

Highlands Town Website

Highlands Roadrunners Club

Highlands School

Highlands Chamber of Commerce

If you cannot find the letterbox, it may mean that it has been stolen. If so, or if you have any questions, please let me know!

Name: Katy