Brownies Box  LbNA # 61507

OwnerTF McCormick    
Placed DateApr 18 2012
LocationFrontier House, Riverside Drive, Fort Leavenworth, KS
Found By HintonFamily
Last Found Apr 21 2012
Hike Distance?

Brownies Box

Brownies Box was placed on April 20, 2012 by Fort Leavenworth Brownie Troop 5403. The girls had to first find the letterbox, then fill it to earn their Letterboxing Badge (the badges were inside the Letterbox when they found it - great fun!). I'm posting it here in hopes that it helps other Brownie and Daisy Troops earn their badge. Of course, if anyone else would like to find it, that's wonderful too. Remember that Girl Scouts meet at this building most weekday afternoons, and there are plenty of "muggles" working at nearby buildings on Fort Leavenworth.

1. Begin at the brown Historic Marker sign for the Hastings House. After reading about Girl Scout Virginia Hastings, with your back to the sign walk 60 steps on a heading of 51 degrees NE to the next historic marker sign.
2. Facing the Friendship Grove sign 50 steps on a heading of 274 degrees W to a large tree.
3. Continue walking downhill for 35 steps on a heading of 290 degrees W to another tree.
4. Go up a hill and back down the hill for 85 steps on a heading of 321 degrees NW. Yep, another tree.
5. This next one is a bit trickier - walk 70 steps on a heading of 328 degrees NW being careful to avoid the large tree with what I'm pretty sure is poison ivy all around it's base. Go around that tree to the next.
6. Now for something a little different, walk 50 steps on a heading of 50 degrees NE to another historic marker (be careful crossing the road).
7. After reading the historic marker, walk 78 steps on a heading of 257 degrees to another historic marker that you can listen to (if it's working). Again, be careful crossing the road.
8. Finally, carefully cross the road one last time, walking 75 steps on a heading of 33 degrees NE. Welcome to Frontier House, better know as the "Girl Scout House". Now, leave no stone unturned! (hint - this box was created by and for BROWNIES)

For extra added Girl Scout fun, you can add this acrostic (using the first letter of each answer to the below questions to form another word clue) for your Scouts. Please forgive the simplicity of the clues, remember, we're creating this with Brownies (2nd and 3rd graders) in mind as they strive to earn their Letterboxing Badge!
- Third line of the Girl Scout Promise
- Sixth line of the Girl Scout Law
- First line of the Girl Scout Promise
- Unscramble this word TUNRAEA (hint: Girl Scouts love to explore this)
- the Girl Scout symbol
- First line of the Girl Scout Law
- Unscramble this word RXLROEP (hint: Girl Scouts love to do this in nature)
- Eighth line of the Girl Scout Law