Pushing Up Daisies #104  LbNA # 61523

Placed DateApr 15 2012
CountyPetersburg city
LocationPetersburg, VA
Found By K&K
Last Found Sep 30 2013
Hike Distance?

The Blandford Cemetery is a very large beautiful cemetery with many confederate soldiers buried there. You could spend hours wandering around and looking at the stones and monuments. It is on Rt 301 in Petersburg. If you are at the Petersburg National Battlefield, you can get there by starting at the Eastern Front Visitor Center and then following the driving tour. After passing #8 the road will end at Rt 301. Turn right and the cemetery will be on the right. The first part that you will see is St. Joseph Cemetery. This daisy is at the north end of Blandford. Find your way to McIlwaine Avenue which is the northernmost Avenue. Driving along this from the street stop by the pillow. If you stand at the edge of the road by Pillow, look through Birdsong to the big tree. Go there.
Find 2 small markers – one leaning toward the tree. Look behind the removable gnarl about 3 feet up. Be sure to cover well when you are done stamping in.

Be sure to check out other boxes in this cemetery. They are worth the time and you will learn a lot.