Monster Puzzle  LbNA # 61540

Placed DateNov 13 2011
LocationMonticello Cemetery, Monticello, IL
Found By Jeorgie Girl
Last Found Jun 15 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015

This is a series of five boxes located in the Monticello Cemetery. The boxes create one large picture, and you'll need space in your logbook big enough for an image about 2x6" in size. Only the final box contains a logbook. Enter the cemetery at the main entrance--if you're unfamiliar with Monticello, find State St. and follow it as far north as possible--this will take you right in the main cemetery entrance.

Box #1--
After entering, continue straight across a small bridge until you reach the cemetery Rules & Regulations sign. At this sign, go right. Pass Scott, Muse, and Heath. When you see a white birdbath, go left, and keep your eyes peeled for a pair of trees that resemble big mushrooms. Park and head to this pair. Rest your body on the bench & face Huston. In the middle of the nearest "mushroom" is your first puzzle piece, covered with twigs and leaves.

Box #2--
Continue down the road, past Timmons & Wilson, then at the Y, head toward Fitzwater. Continue to the stone wall running along the right side of the road. Stop to pay respects at Veteran's Circle. Once you find George McCain (a Private serving in the Civil War), turn around. You'll notice a small planter about 15 steps away that contains your second puzzle piece. Be sure to cover up the box well with leaves and other debris after stamping in, we wouldn't want the box to walk away!

Box #3--
Once you're back on the road, continue as it winds around, leading you back to where you began your hunt. Exit the cemetery and take a left, heading down to the next cemetery entrance. After entering, watch for Hammerschmidt, and take a right. Pass Wachs & Anderson on your left, and Eades on your right. Continue to a small triangular patch of grass, bordered on all three sides by roads. This is the final resting place for many little ones. Find a small metal plaque in memory of Richard (1985) and take about 4 steps toward the road running North-South. Your third piece of the puzzle is in the bush at this location. It is best reached from the top, and is nestled in branches of the bush, about a "foot" in. Be sure to smooth the bush if it becomes askew while you're hunting--they are kept very well manicured & we don't want a giant hand-hole in them!

Box #4--After returning to your vehicle, look northwest to see a flag pole & follow the road there, passing Olson, Bradley, and Tyler on the way. Go around the pole to continue on this road, coming to a T at England. Count the neatly pruned bushes in this area, then from the front of England's resting place, take that many steps to the west. Now face north, and you will see several bushes good for holding a box. One of these "holds" your prize. **Those with small children, this is a kid-friendly location, but there is a large hill leading down to a ravine several feet beyond this location. You know your children best, so be sure to keep an eye on them at this location, just in case!**

Box #5--From England, drive east, passing Shonkwiler, Howland, and Buse. When you reach Dante, turn left and park at the curve in the road (this area may be a little mushy after a heavy rain, as we discovered when planting!). Look to your left, at the edge of the woods for a white "No Hunting" sign. From this sign, travel 12 steps to the north along the woods to a large uprooted tree (the largest fallen tree in that area). Don't "lose your head" looking in the base for your final piece of the puzzle! (Please be sure to examine the logbook carefully--there is a bit of info in there that you might want to check out!)

Be sure to look for Funky Monkey Floyd while you're in the area!