We Heart St. Maryís  LbNA # 61559 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2012
LocationSt. Mary's, GA
Found By rodfly
Last Found Jun 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Feb 2015 - Box is gone but still a nice spot to stop.

Go down to the waterfront and try to park near the National Park Service office or parking lot. You want to go to the Howard Gilman Memorial Park Ė also called St. Maryís Waterfront Park. Either way it was established in 2001. Itís a lovely park with a nice fountain and swings where you can sit and look out over the water. I would imagine it also gets very crowded at times. Walk down to the water and walk along the path to the next to the last bench - right by the fishing pier.

Your prize is in the bush behind the middle of the bench. Facing the bench, itís in the front left of the bush near the bottom, but it should be reachable from sitting. Itís a small box so thereís no ink. Red would be good if you have it. When youíre don, make sure itís back in so it canít be seen.