Sweet, Spicy or Savory  LbNA # 61574 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 26 2012
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By Tarantula Lady
Last Found Aug 23 2014
Hike Distance?

In the Middle Ages, spices were valued commodities, but not, as most people assume, for their ability to preserve meat. Rather, it was because Medieval cuisine placed a premium on a variety of flavors, which only spices could impart. Spices were also thought to have medicinal properties, which added to their allure. These are only some of the reasons that spices obtained such distinction and ultimately became globally traded products, which in turn helped to develop integrated economic networks. The quest for spice drove not only trade-related globalization, but the demand was great enough to inspire the voyages of Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama, which launched waves of European colonialism.

Clue *************
Voyage the Oracle to the pepperer Penzey's where snifters of sweet, spicy, or savory await to tickle you nose. In Penzey's depths Grandma's kitchen reminds of times gone by where among tins, not jars, Sweet, Spicy or Savory abides.

Notes *************
Planted with permission
Must be sought not requested
Limited availability