Tar River Tar Heel  LbNA # 61631

OwnerNate Dawg    
Placed DateApr 17 2012
LocationTown Common Park, Greenville, NC
Last Found Jul 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Thank you for seeking out my first plants! This is a two piece find. Please be discreet about locating, recording and returning the letterboxes to their original hiding places.

“Tar Heel” is the nickname applied to the great state of North Carolina, its residents, and the University of North Carolina’s athletic teams, students, alumni and fans. Its initial association wasn’t exactly intended as a term of endearment but became a great source of pride by the early 1900’s.

As a huge “Tar Heel” football fan, the first box is in honor of the team!

Start your journey by locating the Tar River boat access area of Town Common Park, East 1st Street, Greenville, NC. The access is located to the right of the Greenville Toyota Amphitheater, facing the park from the street. Town Creek Bridge is at the back of the lot. The link below provides an area map and driving directions, if needed.


Park in the lot and begin walking along the concrete path toward the lot entrance, making a right onto the paved path that winds through the park. When you come to a fork, continue right, taking only a few steps looking left as you walk. Note the three large Holly bushes and three Crape Myrtle trees, positioned nicely in this area. The first box is located at the center base of the Holly bush positioned directly behind the center Crepe Myrtle, behind a ground rock and under leaf and pine debris. A long stick has been strategically placed within the branches of the Holly (positioned off center right) to assist you in clearing and pulling out the box. There is a bench to the right back of this area where you can sit to record your find. Return the box to its place of origin as descreetly as possible.

Now for the second box … another well noted symbol of a “Tar Heel”.

Facing the bench, continue right on that paved path until you come to a dead end. You can only go left or right at this point. There are some decorative logs placed vertically together on your right. Look over your left shoulder and you will see a very large tree with a very large root system. Walk over and stand facing it so that you will be viewing the shell fossil pit to the trunks left and the Veteran's Memorial up the hill, to its right. Look down, between two sections of large root. Use a stick to help pull away the leaf and pine debris (sorry, this one wasn’t provided but there are plenty in the area). Locate a bench or sit on the edge of the fossil pit frame to record your find. Again, use discretion. If there are people playing or sitting in the pit, choose a more suitable recording location before returning the box to its hiding place.

I hope you enjoyed your letterboxing journey and take time to explore more of this beautiful park. While you're here, why not plan for a picnic lunch and explore the 1500' Esplanade along the Tar River, the Veteran Memorial, the Millenium Sundial or Uptown Greenville.