The Rocky Ledge  LbNA # 61634

Placed DateMay 1 2012
LocationLedges State Park, Boone, IA
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The Rocky Ledge

• If you desire to go on an adventure and find a treasure that you can sign your name in then take this journey through Ledges State Park.

• To start your journey off on this day, quarter 1,000 and you’ll be on your way.

• The sixteenth letter of the alphabet is the avenue that you will cross on your way.

• To arrive to the place that you park, you need to enter the area that people stay in the dark.

• Once you halt your vehicle, pick up your feet and follow the Canyon Road street.

• Walk all the way until you see a sight of bricks on your right.

• Now get ready, get set. Roll up your pants and get your feet wet.

• Cross the stone bridge and proceed to walk past the Makoke Trail below the ridge.

• Go across the bridge that is made of metal. Don’t stop yet; you’re not ready to settle.

• Walk left until you see a tree that is shaped like the letter “V”.

• 32 paces from the tree, you see a stripped rock and there you will see... what you are seeking.