Ode to the Mayor of Golden Valley, MN  LbNA # 61641

OwnerGolden Valley Retrievers    
Placed DateMay 1 2012
LocationDowntown Golden Valley, Golden Valley, MN
Found By Care Giver
Last Found Jul 17 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is dedicated to our beautiful city and our faithful Mayor Shep Harris. Please take great care in finding and replacing this box! Let us know if any of its contents are missing and we’ll replace them.

Happy Letterboxing!!

1) Begin your journey at the large tower of the Golden Valley waters. This tower has a unique symbol on it – a decorative “V”.
This tower was built in 1962. Look for the entry door in the tower.

2) From the door, walk South toward City Hall. Did you know that Mayor Harris is the 36th mayor of Golden Valley?

3) Stop in Odland Plaza and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This plaza is dedicated to Lowelle E. Odland, the city engineer.

4) Walk toward the flags in front of City Hall. There are usually three flags at full mast. Can you identify all three flags?

5) Follow the side up South toward Golden Valley Road. Look carefully for cars and cross over Golden Valley Road.

6) In front on you on the other side of the road you will see a large patch of greenery. Behind these trees you will see a very large boulder.

7) Once you find the large boulder, do a happy cat dance around the boulder in honor of Mayor Harris's cat Delilah - who was adopted from the Golden Valley Humane Society. After your dance, walk toward the west and glance with your eyes a little to the south.

8) In the far corner of the parking lot you will see a neat rows of boulders that line the west side of the parking lot.

9) Your treasure is hidden between the eleventh and twelfth rocks from the left hand side on the bottom row.

10) Exchange stamps and enjoy!