Fissures and Fractures Riverbox  LbNA # 61666

Placed DateMay 21 2011
LocationHomestead Park, Hilliard, OH
Found By Robbins Family
Last Found Jul 5 2016
Hike Distance?

Fissures and Fractures Riverbox

Fissures and Fractures was created by Andrea Myers in 2011. The artwork is part of the Riverbox Tributary project.

Fissures and Fractures Riverbox is located at The Homestead Park, 4675 Cosgray Rd. Hilliard, Ohio.

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Take the Riverboxes Challenge!
Explore and discover all 10 riverboxes (artist-created vessels inspired by letterboxing and geocaching) placed throughout Dublin, Ohio parks. Visit to retrieve clues for each riverbox and to download a passport to take with you on your exploration. Upon finding each riverbox, use the artist-made stamp to mark the appropriate field on your passport. Once you’ve collected all 10 stamps, take your completed passport to Dublin Arts Center at 7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin, Ohio to conclude the Riverbox Challenge and receive your custom geocoin!

*If you prefer to complete the challenge electronically, please bring your phone to Dublin Arts Council and show us a photo of each Riverbox to complete the challenge and receive your geocoin.