The Eagle and the Rock  LbNA # 61672

Placed DateApr 24 2012
LocationEagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, NJ
Found By The Pakrat
Last Found Nov 5 2012
Hike Distance?

The Eagle and the Rock

Starting point is the parking lot at the NYC overlook for Eagle Rock Reservation, just off of Eagle Rock Avenue, West Orange, NJ.

From the parking lot, walk over to the Little Girl, the Man with the Lantern and the Eagle soaring overhead. Take a moment to gaze at the distant metropolis. If you look up, you may even spy a red tailed hawk or other gliding raptor.

Then walk down the promenade and back in time to the Casino where the picknickers once gathered, now replaced by the fine diners and patio poachers.

Stroll under the breezeway. Turn right onto the red brick road & relax a moment under the trellis, where many a knot has been tied.

Double back and once you leave the brick path, continue down the road towards the woods.

At the corner, you will see a sign for the Lenape Trail. Follow this path into the woods. Count the number of TREES with yellow blazes. Just past the fork, you will see the fifth blaze tree.

18 steps past that tree there will be a tall Oak tree on the right. On your left, behind the tree with the octopus roots, there is a small island of rocks decorated with splashes of white lichen. look under one of the top rocks to find the hidden gem!