Play Like a Kid Again  LbNA # 61679

Placed DateMay 5 2012
LocationMilan Cemetery, Milan, OH
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Hike Distance?

This letterbox is themed to: play figures and kid toys. We ask that you exchange only other toys of your own to remind ourselves that when we're in nature... we're still kids at heart! (If you absolutely can't leave a toy, you can still exchange something else...)

You'll have to drive to Milan for this hunt. Once you're in the general area of the Milan Cemetary, drive to the back of the cemetery and you'll see the trailhead. Make sure you don't accidentally go into the other Galpin Trail across the road. The two trails never come together. By the way... BEWARE OF UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE.

You'll need to enter the Galpin Trail at the cemetery entrance and walk down the long, winding stone stairway. You'll notice the original bridge has disintegrated and you'll need to cross the massive "Bridge of Nature."

Once you've carefully walked across the massive tree, follow the stream (that you just crossed) AWAY from the cemetery. Do not follow the vague trail, stay within 3 feet from the stream. Once you come upon the main waterway intersection, look to your right and you should see two Parallel Trees. Stand between them with your back to the river. If you have a hard time finding these trees, look for the Camo Duct Tape flags high up in the young trees surrounding the parallel trees.

Careful...don't fall in! This isn't a video have only one life. Look straight ahead and once you've spotted the Cave Tree in the distance, proceed to recover the Action Figure Assignment.