Magickal Mother's Day  LbNA # 61724

OwnerEscape Artist    
Placed DateMay 13 2012
CountyOther International
LocationShenzhen, INT
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three mysterious boxes hidden in the wilds of shenzhen, china with love from your three magickal imps. coming soon in honour of SWK, best mom ever! xoxo

* bring your own ink * Starting at SeaWorld, take the 226 bus headed to “Zhong Shan GongYuan” (中山公园) 21 stops from SeaWorld. At the arrival bus station (Zhong Shan), begin clues.

Across the street, see large stone gates;
Within this park your letterbox waits.

Under the down, down step set one;
A gentle stroll, no need to run.

Follow the stairs found to the right;
Continue left on the road in sight.

Lean right on the curve, past the courts;
Up a small, paved hill-of-sorts.

Count the pylons, three sets of three.
On past the statue; Oh what can it be?

Take a sharp left to the sculpture square;
Straight to the bikers, then follow his stare.

Gazing right to some steps on a small ledge;
Through the trees to the waters' edge.

Along the lake where men like to fish;
A lucky guard booth?! Make a wish!

Left through the benches, zig-zagged and curved;
A pleasant sideway, its' purpose is served.

A small, stone path that leads to the road;
Follow the hill where the restroom is stowed.

Across from this place, a small boulder you'll find;
The carved inscription – for Chinese in mind.

Fountains and tents for a warm, sunny day;
Left to the trellis, walk the breezeway.

Vine-covered path and a bridge to the right;
Walk the pebbled way, stone grey and white.

Down the stairs, by your side calm water;
Right on the road – you're getting hotter!

Past the small shop selling their wares;
Right on the path and down the stairs.

To your left, a face, a giant stone statue;
Flanked by surveillance – don't let them catch you!

Trapped in stone, men of labour and war;
Go around to the right, a stone path like before.

Leaning to the right, past the water from rock;
Is the sun getting low? Hurry! Tick-tock!

On the right, climb the stairs, as they twist up the hill;
Be careful, don't tumble like poor Jack & Jill.

Right is right when you get to the road;
Then walk to the statue to help break this code.

Now left is the way on the pavement and grass;
The old man in stone, by him do not pass.

The lacework walkway is the direction to go;
Climb to the terrace, but don't go too slow!

A right then a left to steps, quite steep!
To the dirt forest path, you must keep.

A fallen tree then stairs to your right,
Take seven more paces, the box is in sight!

To your left is a lookout, on the right are tall trees;
Within this small grove, find the box with ease.

Two cut stumps, the poor trees are no more;
And a pile of rocks on the leafy, dirt floor.

Under the must have a peek;
And tucked right away, the box that you seek!