BodyQuest's Relay for Life Series 2012  LbNA # 61752

Placed DateMay 14 2012
LocationNaranja Townsite Park, Oro Valley, AZ
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Feb 4 2015
Hike Distance2-3 mi
Last EditedSep 14 2015

Clue updated 3/18/15

NOTE: a part of this park is now used as an archery range. I have been told that the boxes are still accessible.

Frankly, this is an ugly park on the date of planting. It is still undeveloped and there seems to be a quarry smack dab in the middle of it. It is essentially a wild park in an urban setting as the perimeter trail is bounded by homes and roads.

But then, Cancer is an ugly thing taking its victims through ugly times and ugly places so maybe this is a good place to be reminded to Fight Back, To Fight Like a Girl, for HOPE to Save the Ta-Tas.

To reach the parking area (32.41495, -110.98423), come into the park from Naranja between La Canada and N Monterra Vista Dr. On N Mussette Dr.(there is no street sign but there is a sign marking the park entry). Park in the first lot on the right. Don’t take the archery trail near the sign, but instead find a trail running between the parking lot and Naranja Drive.

SAVE THE TA-TAS: Head east on the trail and pass a kiosk. Continue on the trail. About 35 steps after the trail turns left away from Naranja find a marvelous Palo Verde. On planting day, it held no less than 3 active nests. Scrabble east up the hill to the base of the east side of a mesquite.

FIGHT BACK: Continue on the trail and join the Archery trail. Travel through S curves and ups and downs past the first Monterra Vista kiosk. Pass 5-60 on the left, and then take a left at the fork. Your next objective is to get to the crest of the hill. You can do this by taking a left before the bridges or a left after the bridges. Stand in the center of a concrete foundation. See the pretty Palo Verde? That's not the place. It is one of the ugly sisters at about 80 degrees. Note, the large rock is not cover but a brace against downhill movement.

FIGHT LIKE A GIRL: Head back down the hill on the wide trail heading northeast. Pass through red posts on both sides of the trail, and then take a left at the fork. Go to a middle-aged saguaro with 5 arms at the time of planting. Box is at the base.

(Badge of) HOPE (for a Cure): Return to the fork and this time take the right trail. Continue as the trail heads along the fence-line. Rest at the bench if you like, but there is nothing to find. See the LP's on the roof? Left at the next Kiosk. About 300 steps down the right arm of the Y find a Palo and an armless Saguaro on the right side of the trail. HOPE is found at 60 degrees in the angle of the tree.

Trail right to return to parking area.

Carver: BodyQuest of North Carolina. These stamps were offered as a gift to those helping to support Relay for Life 2012.

Distance: My Tracks says 2.7 miles round trip. But I'm finding it tends to state longer distances than maps, so it may be less.

Difficulty: Mostly flat with some ups and downs on the trail. Reaching boxes may require a little cross country scrabbling. Not hard but the rocks can be slippery.

Time: About 1-1/2 hours including stamp in time. So take water and wear a hat; there is very little shade.