The Gymnastic Squirrel  LbNA # 61802 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPapa's Posse    
Placed DateMay 19 2012
LocationWestbrook Park, DeWitt, IA
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Jun 2 2012
Hike Distance?

The Gymnastic Squirrel
Go to the entrance of Westbrook Park located west of DeWitt. You will find the entrance on 11th Street east of Kreiger’s Chevy dealership. There is a large stone sign that announces the park entrance and Welcomes you to DeWitt.
Enter the Park and follow the paved road around the baseball fields until you come to a large parking lot next to the very new “dog park”. Park at the far end of the lot.
This is where I was when I came across a very interesting squirrel who invited me to visit his home. As I was getting out of my car, the squirrel seemed very excited and indicated I should follow him. As he ran between the two signs, “Paul C. Hilmers Trail” and “No Motor Vehicles” I decided to follow my new friend and entered the blacktop trail as I kept a close eye on him. He’s a very energetic squirrel.
He quickly ran down the trail, stopping every few feet to be sure I was following. As he realized I was behind him, he became more excited and did cartwheels across the bridge. Wow, he’s a great gymnast! He stopped by a tree at the end of the bridge to give me a wink. However, he didn’t climb the tree because it had thorns. At this tree he turned right as he began doing front flips down a grassy path. Being very curious about my new friend, I continued to follow.
At 40 paces we came to a fork in the path and my gymnastic squirrel veered right. Just a few feet more and I noticed a large tree with several trunks on the left side of the path. This was my squirrel friend’s home. You will still find him living there behind some sticks at the base of the tree. You, too, may visit him. He loves company.