DMIS Letterboxing Enrichment Class  LbNA # 61808

Placed DateMay 10 2012
LocationDeer Creek Park, Deer Creek, IL
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Dee-Mack Intermediate School has a school-wide academic/discipline program where every student is part of a "House." Everyone in the house works together to try to earn incentives/field trips. There are four houses...Carpe Diem, Kaizen, Kunnia, and Tharseo.

Our letterboxes are representations of these Houses.

Letterbox #1:
House--- Carpe Diem
Motto--- Seize the Day
Mascot--- Eagle

Enter the Deer Creek park at the Northeast corner and turn your bald head toward the "almost stop" sign. When you reach this sign, stop, and head to the left. Soar in the same direction until you reach the basketball court and land at the playground. Migrate towards the corner you came in at and look for the "dog waste" sign. Fido points the way to the first tree the Eagle would land.

Letterbox #2:
House--- Kaizen
Motto--- Continuous Improvement
Mascot--- Dragon

Fly to the Deer Creek Park. Land at the Pavilion. Fly to the "fiery" colored swings and then blaze a path to the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. From here...solve this problem...2 x 3. This is how many trees you need to travel North along the sidewalk. At the tree, turn 90 degrees to the West and walk about 57 steps where you will find yourself at the edge of the Dragon's Lair. Look for the portrait of the dragon who will point the direction where his large grey friend has this letterbox tucked away.

Letterbox #3:
House--- Kunnia
Motto--- Honor
Mascot--- Bear

In the park, find a bench with multiple DeeMack Intermediate School mascots. (If you don't know the mascot...venture to the Dee-Mack Intermediate school, which is approximately 2 blocks East of the park, to find out.) Multiply the number of mascots by 3. Now think of a word with that many letters that bears do in the winter and find a place in the park where humans would do the same thing in case of bad weather...not necessarily snow.

Once you find this human "den", look on the south side and find the first letter of another word for "valor". You will find this letterbox somewhere is a place of high "honor."

Letterbox #4:
House--- Tharseo
Motto--- Courage
Mascot--- Lion

Only those with a sense of adventure will be brave enough to reach into the hiding place for this letterbox. Look for a trio of predator and prey. Find the king of the jungle who is protecting this cache.