Three Ladies  LbNA # 61842

OwnerGubbins Family    
Placed DateMay 21 2012
LocationBancroft Bay Park, Albert Lea, MN
Found By the hills
Last Found Jun 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Albert Lea is named after Lieutenant Albert Miller Lea, a topographer. In May of 2012, three college friends chose it as the location for their first inaugural ladies weekend. In honor of these two facts, we planted a letterbox, with the stamp depicting a MAP of where the THREE LADIES travelled from to attend the weekend get-together.

NOTE: The park offers picnic shelters and tables, a disc golf course, and restrooms. It is a city park that closes at 10:30 pm nightly. The walk takes about 10 minutes or less, over fairly even grass and dirt terrain.

Start at the western-most parking lot of Bancroft Bay Park. Find the wood post labeled #1 (for disc golf), located near the north end of the parking lot. Stand with your toes pointing to the side of the pole marked "118 YD". From here, walk straight ahead (appr. West) across the disc golf course. As you near the trees on the opposite end, you will see the basket for hole #4. When you arrive at the basket for hole #4, follow the dirt path to your left. At its end you'll enter a clearing with a square stone firepit. Imagining the firepit is l2 o'clock, what you seek is at approximately 3 o'clock. There you will see a small path leading to the water's edge. Take that path. At the water's edge, turn around. There are 2 trees with their trunks emerging in a V shape, with a wooden birdhouse on the right trunk. The letterbox is at the base of these two tree trunks. Please rehide well by covering with sticks and leaves.