Semper Gratus  LbNA # 61868 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateMay 22 2012
LocationSussex, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found Jun 24 2012
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This the 1st of 4 Memorial Day boxes that will be available until July 4th.

Semper Gratus
April 14th, 2004
Husaybah, Iraq

In March of 2004 members of the 4th platoon, company K, were arguing about the best way to survive a grenade blast. Most members of the platoon were of the opinion that the body armor worn by the Marines was enough to prevent fatal injuries, but Jason Dunham believed that if a grenade was covered with a helmet, the helmet would be strong enough to contain the blast. It wouldn’t be long before his theory would be put to the test.

A month later, when the battalion commander’s convoy came under attack, the 4th platoon was sent to search for the insurgents. During their patrol they stopped a white Toyota Land Cruiser and discovered AK-47’s and explosives. The driver attacked the Marines and Cpl Dunham closed in and attempted to wrestle the driver to the ground. During the ensuing fight the driver dropped a live grenade on the ground among the Marines.


Begin at Lisbon Community Park in the fourth parking lot at the sledding hill. Head east down the wood chip trail. At the first intersection continue east. Fifty steps past the intersection marker look for a large log fifteen steps off the trail at 40°.