Pale Rider 3  LbNA # 61869 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCC Family    
Placed DateMay 22 2012
LocationSussex, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found Jun 24 2012
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This is the 2nd of 4 Memorial Day boxes that will be available until July 4th.

Pale Rider 3
“I was under the impression I was gonna die”.
September 17th, 2004
Fallujah, Iraq

While riding on patrol with men of the 1st Marine regiment, Navy Corpsman Joe Dan "Doc" Worley heard an explosion nearby. An enemy IED had blown up a Humvee, killing a Marine and his Iraqi interpreter. Only 10 days prior, his former platoon had seven Marines killed in action when a vehicle borne IED drove into their patrol. The attrition from the blast was so severe that the platoon, known as Pale Rider Three, would be disbanded and the surviving Marines sent to other platoons.

His current platoon had been targeted by a coordinated ambush. Despite the attack Worley immediately grabbed his medical bag and ran forward in the direction of the explosion. As Worley sprinted across a bridge, a secondary IED exploded only a few feet away from him. The explosion severed his left leg just blow the knee.


After Semper Gratus continue east. At the intersection continue east. The wood chip trail will turn to gravel. At the intersection go left. The next intersection will be beneath a high power electrical tower. From the trail intersection marker beneath the high power wires continue south east on the trail at 140°. You’ll soon arrive at a bench on the right side of the trail. From the bench head 25 steps uphill at 250° to a pair of large logs.