They Said It Would Be A Short War  LbNA # 61871

OwnerCC Family    
Placed DateMay 22 2012
LocationSussex, WI
Found ByTJ_Mich
Last UpdateJun 24 2012


This is the 3rd of 4 Memorial Day boxes that will be available until July 4th.

They Said It Would Be A Short War.
Sharpsburg, Maryland
October, 2008

The battle of Antietam was fought on September 17th, 1862. The day would end with 23,000 casualties, the highest single day amount in American history. After the war the Antietam battle field would be turned into a national park to preserve the memory of the sacrifices of the soldiers.

146 years later a hiker was walking through the Corn Field, an area of the battle field that saw what may have been the worst carnage of the entire Civil War. Near a limestone outcropping he found a single brass button and several bone fragments.

The button and bone fragments were taken to the vistor center. Its not unusual for vistors to find bone fragments on the battle field. Most of them are animal bones, but the brass button made this find different. After a closer examination the bones were determined to be human.


From the remains of the bear referenced in the Raynham Hall clues head back down the hill and back past the snow man. At the intersection head left toward the badger. From the badger head up hill on a bearing of 200 to a large upturned stump.

To return to the parking lot continue north west on the trail. At the intersection turn right.