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Hike Distance?

This is the second box in my very own soapbox series that i am using to preach a little.

Why Give Blood?
Every two seconds, someone somewhere needs blood. One of every seven people who enter the hospital will need blood. That person may be you, your loved one, friend or co-worker. With all the wonderful advances in modern medicine, there still is NO substitute for human blood. The blood that helps patients comes only from caring people who volunteer to help others by donating their life-saving blood.

In the short time it took to read the above paragraph, 11 people needed blood.

Will you help?

Who Can Give?
Anyone age 16 or older who meets minimum height and weight requirements and is in good health can donate blood.

Sixteen-year-olds must submit a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.

Some people may be temporarily or permanently prevented from donating blood due to certain health conditions. If you have a question about your eligibility to donate blood, contact your local LifeShare office.

Please consider giving the gift of life while your at Lifeshare Blood Center.

To the box: At the corner of Sugarleaf Trail and Lindwood Ave, you will see a fenced parking lot with Blood center vehicles in it, on the opposite side of street from blood center. There are a couple of clusters of trees, your prize is in the tree closest to the sidewalk. But what I have not told you is which cluster...
There are how many different types of white blood cells in the body? This number is the same number of trees in the cluster you are looking for...

Happy Letterboxing! Use stealth when replacing the box.