Merry Mouse House  LbNA # 61962

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Placed DateApr 22 2012
Locationa state park near Lewis and Clark College (TC), Portland, OR
Found ByThe Dancer & The Engineer
Last UpdateJul 7 2013


Merry Mouse House

Begin at the Nature Center and follow the Old Main Trail. Keep going until you see a second sign for Big Fir Trail and head right. Take a left at Middle Creek trail. Head toward Beaver Bridge.
Stand at the center of Beaver Bridge and face 41 degrees NE. You will see the tree with lots of holes and hollows that we call The Merry Mouse House (the letterbox will explain why).

Turn to look directly behind you. Walk 10 paces across the bridge and look for a sign of steelhead. The letterbox is small and tightly packed, so you may need to press the contents to reclose it.

Part of a series of 3 in the park by redthread