Root Hollow Letterbox  LbNA # 61963

Placed DateApr 22 2012
Locationa state park near Lewis and Clark College (TC), Portland, OR
Found By redthread
Last Found Jun 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Root Hollow Letterbox

From the Beaver Bridge, walk west. Pass skunkweed and horsetail on your right and cross a tiny platform bridge. It’s a good place to stop and listen for birdsong—we heard winter wrens in April and saw some mice run across the path nearby. Continue north on Middle Creek Trail toward the High Bridge. On your left look for a tree with lots of woodpecker holes! You’ll cross a long stretch of wooden slats. Cross the High Bridge and continue on Middle Creek Trail up a steep hill. Pass a yellow bench near a V-shaped tree. Look for the Maple Ridge Trail/Main Parking sign and head NE. Pass the “jack-in-the-box” stump mid-path. Soon afterward you’ll see a fallen tree to your left with roots that reach toward the sky like octopus tentacles. Look in the hollow where the roots meet the trunk, under leaves and sticks. This path is often populated and this tree attracts attention, so be discreet and rehide well in the same location.

OR...from the parking lot/nature center, head north to Maple Ridge Trail/High Bridge. You’ll see a yellow bench on your right. Pass the sign reading Maple Ridge Trail/North Horse Loop. Continue on Maple Ridge Trail. Look for the tree on your right (see notes above).

Part of a series of 3 in the park by redthread