Pileated Woodpecker Letterbox-TCSP  LbNA # 61964 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2012
Locationa state park near Lewis and Clark College (TC), Portland, OR
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Pileated Woodpecker Letterbox-TCSP

This is technically a poached location and clues, placed with permission. We made several attempts to locate Penguin Party Time in this location but were unsuccessful. This box was planted for a kindergarten class field trip--we were hoping the children would find the Penguin Party Time box we were unable to locate, but planted this one so they'd have something to find if they couldn't locate the other. The other two boxes in this series are in original locations. We're hoping that, like us, families will appreciate having several boxes in the park to look for when introducing young children to letterboxing. As a bonus, maybe you'll find what we couldn't!

From the Nature Center, follow the Old Main Trail. Pass the first turn offs for Big Fir Trail and Red Fox Trail. On your way towards Obie’s Bridge, take the next turn off for Big Fir Trail. Look beneath the roots of the big tree with many trunks on your left.

Part of a series of 3 in the park by rethread

Reported missing 5/30/12? The other two boxes in the series were found.