Metals: Tin  LbNA # 61986

Placed DateMay 29 2012
CountySan Juan
LocationVereda De Rio San Juan Park, Bloomfield, NM
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Oct 6 2012
Hike Distance?

A soft, silver-white, crystalline metallic element, malleable at ordinary temperatures and capable of a high polish. The alchemy symbol represents the planet Jupiter and a connection to breath. Philosophically can be seen as the breath of life.

From the stoplight at Broadway and First St. in Bloomfield, go South on S. First st. and, after passing through the yellow gate, into a small parking area on the right (abt .7 m). Between the gate and parking area is a path going West and lined with short lamp posts. Just after passing the fifth lamp pole, you will see a picnic bench on your left. From the middle of the bench top and 17' away at a bearing of 140 degrees, is a tree with a hole in it's trunk on the Southwest side about 4' up. The letterbox in nestled on the right side of the hole behind some bark bits.