Lost Without You  LbNA # 62040

OwnerDawn Runner    
Placed DateMay 21 2011
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By a knight's tale
Last Found Jul 6 2013
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is based on the 1995 Balto movie. To understand some of the clues, you might want to rewatch it or enjoy it for the first time.

1. Go to I-25, then drive in one of the four general directions (north, south, east, west) that you would travel in if you began a journey in Anchorage, Alaska, and headed to Fairbanks, Alaska. Exit at a place that would be “erected in honor of a person or event” (or possibly for a heroic animal).

2. For 3.6 miles, persist in your journey up highway 105 even if you encounter grizzly bears, avalanches, blizzards, archenemies, landslides, or ice too thin to walk on. You will also pass six landmarks during on this road: a trailhead on your right leading to a place with cacti, not snow; under a bridge built for a machine that, “God willing, will make it through. Stop”; a place on your left you may want to go to if your paws are cut by ice; Red Rock Ranch on your left; Pickwick House on your left; and a place on your left named after a water source and a kind of tree.

3. Turn left onto Lower Glenway street; at the first stop sign, turn right onto a street that includes words which might be described as "a place between mountains" and "a shape of the moon." Park near a place that may contain books about the Iditarod. If you wish to further enhance your letterboxing experience, you can check out information on this topic.

4. Locate a dog statue in the park next to the library parking lot. Like Grandma Rosie, you too can stand in a woody park and see a tribute to a dog whose life helped others. After reading the plaque, turn east and walk roughly 35—40 paces across the lawn. You should be standing in front of a round, open structure with a staircase. The “Lost Without You” letterbox is hiding under the third or fourth step on the right side of the staircase.

5. The benches in the structure make a nice, private place for stamping in. Enjoy the contents and replace where found, hidden from view. Beware of unwanted observers, as the park can be a busy place—especially in the summer. Also, don’t run over any musher’s hats that might be in the middle of the road as you drive home. Happy letterboxing!

"Thank you, Balto. I would have been lost without you."