Black Jack  LbNA # 62046

Placed DateMay 31 2012
LocationStrawberry, AZ
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Hike Distance?

This letterbox was originally placed by Viejo, but he is unable to maintain so I have taken it over.

Letterbox is an ammo can that also serves as a geocache piece. Access is by a rough and rocky dirt road but does not require a 4WD.

From Strawberry, go out Fossil Creek Road, then take FR 428 to the left toward the Retreat Center. Follow 428 to 194. There will be a sign that says "Twin Buttes 5 miles". From there trust your GPSr.

Coordinates are N 34° 21.982, W 111° 32.978

Black Jack was so dubbed as a result of his penchant for dressing Johnny Cash style all in black.  Jackson was a rather menacing character who lived up in the Blackjack pines (ponderosas) and went to town only to gamble at his favorite game of Black Jack at which he was a dab hand.  Gambling, however,  sometimes lead to disputes, so he always carried his leather covered, lead filled blackjack, which had an amazing calming effect on it’s recipients. Black Jack dropped out of sight and after a long dry spell his black clad remains were found at the bottom of a stock catchment pond up on Hardscrabble Mesa nestled against a Black Jack pine log and  clutching his  blackjack in one hand and an Ace of Spades and the Jack of Clubs in the other.

 Is that how Black Jack Tank got its name?  One wonders.