Plethora of Petroglyphs  LbNA # 62047

Placed DateJun 1 2012
LocationPetroglyph, Albuquerque, NM
Found By LoloFifi
Last Found Aug 29 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 22 2015

Plethora of Petroglyphs

This is a letterbox, not a geocache. Please do not take the stamps and leave not trinkets.
Bring your own ink.
Visitors' Center closes at 5 p.m. so go before that. No one there knows about the letterbox so please don't ask anyone about it.
Watch out for rattlesnakes.

Directions: From the I-25, I-40 intersection take I-40 west towards Gallup. Exit right on Unser and go north. You'll see signs for the Petroglyph National Monument, don't stop at the Rinconada but keep going for a couple of miles to the Visitors' Center. Park there and visit the center to see what the monument is all about. In the east you can see the tallest mountain in the area, Sandia Peak.

Clues: IV,lagpIlVIII/ X,I/ VIaIXdiaVII/ M,I,p. bVIII,IX,cC. IX,I,II/ pXI,M,rI/ viXIwing Xrail. Follow it. At 24 VII,X,VIII,p,VI/ V,i,r,XI/ VII,X,I,IX,VIII on right. Then 46 mIrVIII VI,III,VIII,p, VII/ I,IX/ paX,C. IX,VIII,a,X,C/ igIX,XVIII,I,u,XVI/ I,IX/ wVIII,VII,M/ XIdgVIII/ I,D/ paX,C. IX,VIII,a,M,C/ wCiX,VIII/ on the IX,I,rX,C/

Hint= C,i,IX,III: Roman numerals are not numerals but parts of words for numerals. The words are in English, not Latin.

Please do not let others see you retrieve the letterbox. Please take it away from the area to stamp in, perhaps back to the bench. Please rehide very well in the exact spot you found it and cover very well with the covering rocks.

Good hunting.