Starfish, Divi Dutch in Love  LbNA # 62071

Placed DateJun 12 2011
LocationDruif Beach, Oranjestad, ARU
Planted ByTheScott&TheLoch    
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Watch out for muggles!
Look at the Divi Dutch Village, the loot is on the right hand side of this resort, the side closest to the capitol, ocean side. Walk 23 steps from the last yellow fence from the Divi Dutch Village. Look to your right toward the ocean, as you face the capital on there will be a Divi tree right of you. Walk 17 steps or so toward it. You will find a rubbermaid container inside the'V' of the tree.

Poem for TheScott from TheLoch:

Divi Tree, how I love thee, Oh Divi tree how I received peace from thee.

Oh Divi tree how I will remember thee and my love for the sand and sea.

Starfish, such memories, cocktails at 3!

Aruba you have been so very good to me!

This plant is in honor of my husband and I married after 11 years of dating. My heart goes out to my sweetheart as I wanted to Letterbox my way through Aruba and he would bring me starfish from the bottom of the sea. May we return again in 15! Bring ink replacements for others letterboxes as you visit. They tend to dry out.
Happy Hunting