Mystery Shroom  LbNA # 62104

Placed DateJun 6 2012
Location???, MI
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 23 2012
Hike Distance?

I set out on a magical road that turned water into ice. Going the way of the wagons, I passed a lost valley and came upon a trail where I met 10 little Indians who had set up tepees for the night. I stayed for dinner and began my quest again following the near constant star. Crossing into a new land, I came upon a trail that led to a place where many horses became trapped on an endless loop! But alas I did not fall into this trap and continued on going towards the rising sun. I came upon a strange and unusual question that the road asked me. I answered the correct way and was back on my quest. As I winded around the snakes back, I came upon a location that was near a dear to the hearts of America… where everyone can access the crystal clear lake.

If you pass a castle that looks to have been touched by King Midas, you have gone too far.

Feel like pumping? No? Take a reading of 248 instead. 60 steps to the white soldier's feet.