Winter Has Pasqued  LbNA # 62142

Placed DateJun 7 2012
LocationLair O' the Bear Park, Morrison, CO
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Nov 16 2012
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These lovely signs of spring bloom beautifully where I live. I read an article in Sunset magazine that said they bloom profusely in Lair O' the Bear in the early spring.

Leave the parking lot on the far west side. You will immediately have several picnic tables behind a fence on your right. Cross the creek at the first bridge. Go right at the Bruin Bluff Trail/Castor Cutoff. The trail will go up up up, then it will start to level off and then dip noticeably down. You will pass a huge Ponderosa on your right with a broken finger pointing back the way you came. At a hard left corner, you will be facing a two section fence with two signs advising that the area is closed. See the culvert? Go across the culvert and a few steps before stepping off the trail on the right hand side. Curving slightly to your right, take 14 steps. Step alongside the long vertical root of a ponderosa to the trunk of the tree. On the backside of the trunk, beneath some rocks waits the box.

Make sure that you visit the Choose Your Own Pirate Adventure boxes! Thay are some serious swashbuckling fun!

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Thanks! ~Aljan