Baqash was in NM I-40 Exit 8  LbNA # 62143

Placed DateJun 9 2012
LocationExit 8, Gallup, NM
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Mar 31 2014
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedSep 14 2015

Ever tempted to toss a box out the window as you drive down the hwy and just record the mile marker? This isn't quite that bad. But a poor plant is certainly the wage for poor planning and forgetfulness. While cleaning out cabinets I found a stamp that forgot to be planted in all my roamings last year. Since I was within 30 miles of the state line today I decided to "toss it out the window".

Exit 8 is 8 miles west of Gallup and the first place an eastbound driver can get off I-40. There isn't a whole lot there. The rest area a couple miles before it was even closed. It is however true to some of my wanderings, and perhaps fitting.

Exit at 8 and make your way to what we would consider the north side of the highway, crossing a bridge to also be north of the RR tracks. Make an immediate right on the first road you come to, and find the wages of sin proclaimed. Stop, park and be momentarily grateful the wages of forgetfulness are usually much less severe.

Using the post in front of the proclamation head up-slope about 150 at 345. The rock you are looking for would make an ok bench to sit on and stamp, but it may not be the one you see from the post. To insure you found the right place of rest, centered in a small cluster, take a seat and eyeball the quote at about 160 and do not enter at 110. Confirm with a lichen-covered rock, tilted on its edge on the east edge of the cluster of rocks

This truly is the last of the "Baqash was in ___" run of boxes. Some are found often; some have yet to be found.