Steve Canyon  LbNA # 62197

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateMay 19 2012
LocationBarneveld, WI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Nov 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Last checked/found: 9-JUN-12

Location: The “sad color” “hill” park

Time: 40 minutes

Terrain: Trails can be muddy after rain. Rolling and rooty.

“Hello. Mission control? We have set up a camp and shelter on the north side between two transmission towers and will be embarking soon on Operation Flintrock at NNE heading. As we understand it Colonel Canyon’s emergency flares were last seen in that vicinity after he ejected from the experimental jet. Only hope we can find him alive and unharmed…”

And thus our intrepid rescue crew sets out in hopes of finding Colonel Canyon in enemy territory.

“Capt. Easter, are we on the right track?”

“Yes, Sergeant. After we passed between those tumbled boulders, we are to slip straight through an intersection and hit a small bridge. Scouting parties were able to identify a lot of landmarks before being forced to abandon the search.”

“Captain, now which way?”

“Left at the T. We should reach a handy bivouac hard left and then head right at the Y”.

“Captain, What’s this sign post?”

“Soldier, that is a marker for the two-wheeled patrols that guard the narrow little trail we now must take. What are the markings?”

“F1, sir”

“Good, our intelligence is strong for finding the colonel. Take a left!”

“We’re lucky that the folks who maintain this trail have kept in good repair. See this culvert we are passing over?”

“Maybe so, soldier, but stay alert! Those mountain patrols on two wheels come up FAST!”

“Captain! I see a big hole in this tree on the left. Can this be where the plane went down?”

“Let’s see if this tracking equipment picks up any signal from the colonel. Wait! I am getting a strong signal at 275! Let’s follow this for at least ten steps!

Captain! Over here behind this small rock under the ledge! It’s the colonel!”

Retrace your steps to return to your starting point OR continue on to find more of the boxes in this park.

Please let me know how Steve is doing if you pay him a visit. Thanks!