Day Trip Series--Atwood Lake  LbNA # 62205 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLi'l Green Ducky    
Placed DateJun 17 2012
LocationAtwood Lake Dam, Mineral City, OH
Found By TigerLuv
Last Found Oct 20 2012
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This letterbox is missing!

Atwood Lake straddles the border of Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties, though the majority of the water lies on the Carroll side of the border.. The Atwood Lake Dam, standing 65 feet high and 3,700 feet long, was completed in 1936. Atwood Lake is a beautiful recreational lake. You can rent a pontoon boat, watch the sailboats, swim, fish, or relax on the shore.

The lake spans 1,540 acres with 28 miles of shoreline. There are several public boat launches and two marinas. On the lake's west side are the park and campgrounds, swimming beach, hiking trails, cabins, picnic shelters, and more. On the lake’s east side are many pull-off spots to fish that include an old cemetery, and a marina. There are also places to eat at each marina.

Atwood Lake is approximately 10 miles east of I-77. At I-77 take Exit 93 which is the Bolivar/Zoar – State Route 212 Exit. Take State Route 212 east until you cross Atwood Dam.
Just past the dam is a public boat launch park on the left–this is where you want to go. You don’t even need a boat. Lots of people enter this section of the lake to fish or just to admire the dam and lake. It seems that this end of the lake is a favorite destination for sailboats which makes the waters even more picturesque.

Upon entering the park notice the guardrail on your right guiding you into the park. Where the guardrail ends and meets the ground is where you will find Li’l Green Ducky’s “Day trip series–Atwood Lake” letterbox.

This area is very busy. We parked our buggy and strolled over to the guardrail. We waited until there wasn’t any traffic and made our move. Be careful shoving the letterbox back in place–you can shove it out the other side–so I was careful to center it when I hid it so the groundskeeper doesn’t see any part of it and think it may be litter.

Be careful reaching into this spot. You may want to poke around with a stick first. Enjoy the views that Atwood Lake provides and enjoy your day.

One of my favorite things to do is to visit Marina East. I take bread to feed the “other” ducks by the piers and sometimes go out on the deck and get the fish food to throw down to the huge fish that wait below.