Holly Grove  LbNA # 62244

OwnerSweet Bird    
Placed DateJun 18 2012
LocationTatum Park, 151 Red Hill Road, Middletown, NJ, Middletown, NJ, NJ
Found By Kudichan
Last Found May 5 2015
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Holly Grove

*please bring your ink*
It's best to visit Holly Grove during late Fall or Winter when there are no leaves on the deciduous trees. That way, you can appreciate the lush abundance of green holly when you discover the grove. It is, however, a pleasant walk any time of year.
Park at the South end of the Red Hill Parking Lot at Tatum Park, Middletown, NJ.
Enter the Holly Grove Trail just behind the map kiosk.
At the fork, head 185º and continue along the path.
Eventually, you'll find one fence segment, followed by two fence segments on your left. Climb over the first fence and head downhill at 275º.
Head toward the giant coiled snake (what the heck IS that?) and continue down past the snake at 263º.
At the "T" head 13º.
At the fork (both trails get thinner here) choose the one at 63º.
At the top of the hill, take the path at 123º.
A few yards uphill, you'll see a giant Triplet on your left. Look behind it under the branches. The contents of the box are a cozy fit, so please re-pack and seal carefully, thanks!
To Exit the woods, back-track to the fork and head 350º.
About 16 steps later, head 80º.
When you exit the woods, you'll see a brown Activity Center ahead. The lot is on the other side of this building. And be sure to visit Deep Cut Gardens across the street. You won't be disappointed!

This is my first plant, so please let me know what you think, or if something needs a fixin'! ENJOY!